About AARE

Our mission is to provide our students with solid and tested information, strategies, and win-win partnerships, that allow them to TAKE ACTION and succeed in today’s real estate market.

We are professional real estate investors with experience spanning millions of dollars in closed transactions. We have been buying, selling, managing and lending on properties professionally for over 5 years.

We are a professional real estate investment company that buys, sells, manages and makes loans on single-family and multi-family homes in your area. We work with properties in many areas and price ranges, ranging from single-family homes to 200+ unit apartment complexes.

We buy and sell some properties quickly; renovate others; hold onto others for cash flow and long-term appreciation, and make loans on yet other properties. With our field expertise and contacts, we have a well-developed sense of what makes a good real estate opportunity, and what’s not worth getting involved in.

AA Real Estate has many different entities, each handling a different aspect of real estate (or fruit!).  The organizational chart below gives you the full picture of the AA Real Estate Group.

AA Real Estate Group Org Chart


About Nick

Nick Aalerud – President, Founder & CEO

Nick Aalerud AA Real Estate GroupUpon graduating from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, Nick Aalerud started his investing career as an investment banker for BNY Mellon Financial in Everett, MA. Dealing with mutual funds, stocks and bonds, here is where he learned the importance of real estate investing, and the many advantages it has over the traditional financial markets.
Nick went on to further his education in real estate, and started AA Real Estate Enterprises as its own real estate investment firm in 2005, with the purpose of assisting distressed homeowners while providing safe, affordable living for prospective tenants. Over the past several years, the company has grown from investing in single family homes in Massachusetts, to investing in larger commercial apartment buildings in emerging markets throughout the United States.
He continues to push the mission of the company towards educating all people towards the benefits of real estate as an investment, as the company focuses on locating target areas and implementing strategies to provide excellent returns our investors have come to expect.
Nick has been a student of such schools as the Russ Whitney Institute (Whitney / Kiyosaki), Lindahl Institute, and John Beck.

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In 2012, Nick Aalerud teamed up with Ann Bellamy of Buy Now Hard Money, LLC and Julio E. Vega & Daniel Stroe of White Picket Fence, LLC to create a new kind of networking group called Black Diamond Real Estate Investors.