4 Most Important Time Management Tips

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These tips don’t apply to only real estate investors. I like to think they appeal to all business owners in general, as we all have this one big thing in common – There’s not enough time in the day.

We, the innovators and drivers of business, along with the very rare team member with that fire in their eyes, can do things in 1 week that would take others 3 to complete.

It’s not necessarily, “how much” can I accomplish in a week, but which important things can I accomplish in a week to drive my business forward? What are the key factors determining the success of my business? And what actions can I do each week ensuring I achieve them?

Once you have your goals aligned and know how to set up an action plan to achieve them (see New Year Planning for tips on this)…, then you need a system by which you can accomplish everything you need to do that week. And there’s where the magic tricks begin.

This 4-Part Series focuses on how to take control of your time and execute your business goals:

Time Management #1: Play to your Strengths, but Practice your Weaknesses

Time Management #2: E-mail and Telephone are the KILLERS of PRODUCTIVITY

Time Management #3: It’s not going to get done unless you SCHEDULE it in

Time Management #4: Ask, How Can I Raise my Dollar per Hour?

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