Former Pageant Queen Turned Escort Joins AA Team!

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Glamour Shots Real Estate Agent

A recent School of British Living graduate, Julia grew up in the deep northern woods of NH.  Feeling deprived of opportunities where she could share her knack of looking awesome all the time, she made the move into the big city, which she thought would be more exciting than it really is. She then started her modeling and pageant career, winning many awards until realizing there was much more money in establishing an escort service. That is where she learned the benefits of being her own boss.

Only one year later, having turned it into a multi-level marketing company with an escort downline of over 50 young ladies, she was ready to move on to the next chapter of her career and jumped into a marketing role at a flowering real estate investment firm.

3 years later, after being irritated with not being legally able to set up her own showings, she bugged the principal of the firm to start hunting for a real estate class Groupon so she could finally obtain her license. And so it was.

Her passions, along with ruffled clothing, British furniture, and London pubs, also include naming the company’s real estate trusts after British furniture styles and London boroughs.  She also enjoys babysitting and gin and tonics, preferably at the same time.  Offering, as the giving person she is, “How about I babysit your gin and tonic for you?”

She would like to recognize all of her fellow Olympian female weightlifters, who have given her the constant support and strength she need to overcome her battles with struggling not to be a con-artist, and is excited to join this new venture.  

She can be reached at

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