How to Properly Set Goals in the New Year: 2013 Edition

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Never, ever make New Years Resolutions.

Did you know that 92% of New Years Resolutions fail? I used to tell everyone it was 90%, and now I have another study to back me up, check it out here.

As the article suggests, most require an entire lifestyle shift to help keep them going.  Others, require an action plan, hard work, and holding themselves accountable.   My first bit of advice is — don’t call it a resolution.  In the office, we call it Goal Setting, an annual look at how we did last year and what we can do this upcoming year to reach our goals.  (It’s OK if you don’t get to it until January 15th.  That’s usually my cutoff date, but after that, you’re procrastinating.  So, Shut Up and DO IT!)

Need help on HOW to do this?  A couple years back, we posted our step by step guide on how we perform our annual goal setting.  You can do this alone or with your partners and staff.  In any case, make sure it’s introspective, keeping your mind open, and be the honest critic you can of yourself – as THAT is how things will continue to grow & change for the better.

Here is a repost of that blog – enjoy it, and please share it with anyone you feel will benefit by it. Make 2013 your best year yet!!

Yours, in Legitness and Prosperity –

~ Nick


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