How You Can Stay Motivated this Year

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Ah, New Years.

Another year. In this case, the start of a new decade–2010!
My Resolutions
Every year, I sit down with my goals that I wrote out the year prior, and find out what I missed and the reasons why:
  • Were these realistic goals?
  • Did my business plan change, and I forgot to update my goals?
  • Did I hold myself accountable enough?
Many people set very high goals, with no intention of ever executing on the plan, or even designing the plan, to meet them. These people are called the “talkers”.
The question is, what will this new year–new decade–bring YOU?
If You’re a New Investor:
This is from a great blog I sometimes read called ZenHabits. This question really helps address what new real estate investors should set out to accomplish:
“How do you stay motivated in business when you have never done something before & the results won’t show up until down the road? (via @darinpersinger)

Learn to love the process, and don’t let your happiness be so dependent on the outcome. Be passionate about the actual things you do, do them because you love it, and you’ll stick with it. The great things that result will be a natural by-product.”

Essentially, if your only goal is to set out and make a lot of money, you MIGHT succeed – but you also might hate all the work it takes to get there. And trust me… when you hate what you do, NOTHING seems worth it, in the end.

If your end goal is to learn how to help

create win-win situations with homeowners and real estate agents, banks, and other investors, and to change people’s lives while doing it (while learning from mistakes), you’ve just created a new lifestyle for yourself. And the best part is, while you’re building your business and touching more lives, and learning in everything you’re doing, you will be reaping better financial rewards than if you just set out to “make more money in 2010.”
Dr. Robert Kiyosaki, in discussing the fundamentals of business practices, talks about how the very basic and cornerstone of all business is to have a meaningful and effective direction – known as your MISSION STATEMENT.
What is your mission statement?
Maybe that’s a good place to start in 2010. After spending a while drafting this, then finally set your goals – financial, personal, & spiritual – and then create & execute the plan to get there.
But most importantly, enjoy the ride. Money will follow, if you continue growing & learning, and never staying in a comfort zone. Make this decade the one to turn it all around, especially if you’re having challenges now with your life, finances, career, or relationship. BELIEVE you can do it.
You can bet I’ll be raising a glass to all my colleagues, students, investors & friends I’ve made over the past 5 years… so, this one’s for you!
Happy 2010 everyone!
~ Nick

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