Snowy Day Thoughts

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As I sit here in my office (yes, even on a Sunday) looking out the window at the snow that never stops falling here in Massachusetts, I check my voicemail, and it’s a bit difficult to here: “Hi Nick. My name is . I hope youwith the snow. I’m here thinking about whether I should go skiing, or look for property in NH. If you could get back to me on your Lexington KY deal, I’ll be at .”

Skiing or looking for property? Only in New England. And all I thought was… what a great day to do both! And I would too, were it not that skis and I don’t YET get along, though I’m slowly training my skis to understand how to get me down a mountain without throwing me to the ground.

If you’re with me in the snowy weather, take this opportunity to look for property. NOT by driving around, but by maybe taking a snowy walk with family and pets, or taking a stroll online through Craig’s List. See any potential deals? Look harder. They are everywhere!

The media has claimed we’re in the worst U.S. recession in the history of our time, unemployment is at post WWII levels, and we have a new president that can either help or hurt on the horizon.

I say – who cares? After having come into contact with so many individuals over the past few years, a passion of mine is to show them how to shape their own financial future. Don’t let the media, politicians or even your Uncle Ted who has always said how “risky” real estate was, and how you’d “be throwing your life away if you go that route.”

I learned a valuable lesson – you don’t get rich by working a 9-5 job. No matter how big your raise is each year.

One way to get rich is to educate yourself on proper investing habits, and the best ways to increase your passive income. Create multiple streams of income, and rid yourself of those things that take up your most precious asset.

What is your most precious asset? No, it’s NOT money. Your TIME is. Think about it – men only have on average 70 years (women get 80 years) to spend doing the things they love, with the people they love. Why waste it trying to please your boss, or trying to appease your tenants?

I’d love to help you with your investment goals. Feel free to share your comments below on how you feel about your financial futures, your goals, what you’d love to spend your time on when you retire – I’d also be honored to help you get their through our passive income opportunities.

Stay well, and Happy Investing!

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