Time Management #1: Play to your Strengths, but Practice your Weaknesses

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I’m the first one to tell you how “AA”wesome I am at busting into a foreclosure and assessing the damage, along with defining what I want done inside… I should also tell you that I’m bad at marketing. I know how to do it, and the basic premises, but I am just no good at executing it. Too many details. Whether it’s e-mail newsletters, blog posts, ordering bandit signs, running a direct mail campaign, or selling one of my products or courses, I know it’s not my best suit.

Many would say the solution to this, was to simply put someone else in charge of it – which is effectively what I did. My darling Julia in the office stepped up 3 years ago to help redirect, tweak, and execute on many of our newer marketing techniques. With something new to learn each week, we continue to adapt and move forward.

The difference is, I’m honestly interested in challenging myself to get better, to understand the things that MAKE these things my weaknesses. That way, I’m constantly bettering myself, instead of staying stagnant and only doing those things I’m good at. Details used to not be my strong suit, but forcing myself and challenging myself to get better every week, allows me to focus on fixing more and more instances of inefficiency I find in the business, week to week.

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