Time Management #3: It’s not going to get done unless you SCHEDULE it in

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If you’re not a planner or calendar person (which I find hard to believe), you have no idea what you’re missing. I used to use my “little black book” from when I was in college, to keep appointments, remind me of tasks to do, etc. I trained myself to set it all up on Sunday evenings, so I knew what I had to do that week. One key thing my black book did NOT have, was the ability to set recurring appointments – and further, the ability to pop up on my computer screen or bling my phone to tell me what I needed to do, and WHEN to do it.

And I, above all I know, am the king of putting things off. It’s really a disease – I like to stay “busy”, and not necessarily productive. “As long as I have something left to do tomorrow at the end of today, I’m useful,” is sort of how my mindset works. I had to train myself that it’s OK to accomplish all my TO DO items in one day. Do I do it? Rarely.

Do things get in the way? Absolutely. In fact – would you know that the mistake I made was that I set out to do this blog post 3 weeks ago… and never made it a priority until I set a deadline for myself THIS WEEK? Case in point. We all procrastinate, or have something “more urgent” to deal with. The beauty is, YOU get to decide what you accomplish, and when. Put it in your calendar, block out a set amount of time to deal with your issue or execute on your task. If you discipline yourself for your calendar to hold you accountable, it will.

A guy I really have a lot of respect for when it comes to time management, is both TIm Ferriss and Dan Kennedy. Both their books taught me a LOT about how I run my workday, and I suggest you take a read too

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