Looking Back – The Power Of Learning

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Sounds cheesy?  A bit, yes!

Next week, myself and the team will be starting our goal setting process, where we take a few days off to FOCUS (you’ll see that more below) on really analyzing the year prior, and figuring out where we want the ship to move as we head into 2015.

“Looking Back” is the first step in our Goal Setting as we review this past year, and determine:

1.  Did we achieve what we set out to do?

This is the time to pull out your goals sheet from last year, and being very honest with yourself.  What did you get done? What items did you miss on?  Ensure you look at ALL the goals you set – business, personal, & spiritual ones.  These were the ones that were measurable, and not just some pie in the sky wish list you had.

(Tip: The good doobies have been pulling this out monthly and ensuring they’re on track on a month to month basis!)

2.  If not – Why not?

This isn’t the time for excuses.  This is the time for you, as a business owner or self employed individual, to consciously think of the other factors that caused you to not meet one or more of your goals.  It rarely is caused by an outside factor that could not be helped… and no, “the economy” is never a good reason.

Was your Action Plan solid enough?  Did you hold yourself accountable on a regular basis?  Did all your marketing go out?  Was your budget adhered to?  What other factors caused you to go over budget / over time / not get things done on your action plan?  Do you still procrastinate (note – we all do!!)?  Was your goal even reachable, or just a dream?

Remember – a Goal is just a Dream with an Plan… and I add to this, by saying

A Goal is just a Dream without a Focused Plan of Action.

The word “FOCUS” is not thought of much.  I’ve found in the real estate business, and even just a self employed person, you get pulled in a million different directions, have too much information (both needless and important) thrown at you, and have to both market for new customers & follow through on your promises…not to mention the crapload of other responsibilities.  It gets VERY easy to fall by the wayside and be working IN your business, rather than ON it.  That’s my soapbox moment for this article.

The above is really only the first and second steps in your Goal Setting for next year… which are NOT RESOLUTIONS.  As we say every year, since 90% of resolutions are not kept, it can be as simple as changing the label, and more importantly, changing the process.  Sometimes wording can make all the difference in how you look at things.

For your complete Goal Setting guide that we refer to each year ourselves – take a look here:

Don’t Make Resolutions – Try This Instead!

Stay tuned on this blog, as I add more tips on goal setting and focus throughout the year…

To a Legit & Fantastic Transition into the New Year,

~ Nick

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