Check Your Bias: Choosing Rehab Finishes to Attract the Most Buyers

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Buyers unfortunately don’t care much about all that money you spent on LVL beams, insulation, and heating systems. They consider having a sound structure and working systems as a given. Until the buyer home inspection, all that stuff is out of sight, out of mind.

People make offers when they have an emotional response to a house. It’s called finding a Dream Home for a reason. The first impression of your house should be inviting, comfortable, and simple. It should elicit a strong emotion from your buyers, so they can picture themselves living there, raising a family, having friends over, making their friends slightly jealous.  They say, “This is the one, I can feel it!”

normal home rehabbing design finishes

Your goal is to elicit positive emotions from as many potential buyers as possible

When choosing finish work, check your personal taste at the door to keep your project universal.  The more interested buyers, the more likely you’ll sell quickly for a higher price.  Below are some examples of what I’m talking about and then a list of typical rehab finishes to keep you in line.

Jennifer vs AA living room neutral rehab finishes

 House Beautiful vs AA Real estate kitchen neutral rehab

 Spa shower vs AA rehab finishes

Your new best friends:

  • White semi-gloss trim
  • Beige walls (Hello, Manchester Tan.)
  • Grey-Beige walls (Hello, Revere Pewter.)
  • Brushed nickel everything
  • Hardwood (The less orange, the better)
  • Beige tile (When painting the bathroom a grey-beige, find tiles with bits of grey in them)
  • Looking for a pop of color? Stick with Benjamin Moore’s Historical Paint Colors.  Otherwise, let your stager bring in the color.
  • Sizzle features to make your listing stand out without boxing it in (glass accent tile, wine refrigerator, built-in sound system, etc.)

Need more inspiration?

Follow me on Pinterest and  It’s where I keep photos of design inspiration for our rehab projects.

For more advice on making the right design choices for your rehab, read this article.  There are tips for those who go nuts in Home Depot and those who hate all that stuff.


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