Chelmsford Rehab Chronicles – Part 1 of the Hoarder House

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It’s Back!! The Rehab Chronicles have returned after a short break. This 4-part video series takes you through the rehab of our recent project in Chelmsford, MA.

Groton Rd is a relatively straight-forward rehab–aside from the fact that it was completely filled with STUFF when we purchased it.  This house is our feel-good rehab of the year.  We promised the former owner we’d see to it that most of what she left behind was either donated or put to good use, giving her peace of mind.  That’s why we called a local guy, Scott Pozerski of Junk King, out to clean it out and process all the items.  Thanks Junk King!

We can’t wait to show the former owner what we have done with the place.  She’ll be happy to know her parents’ house will be all fixed up for a new family.   Enjoy!


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