Our Approach

At AA Real Estate, we are full time investors—we are “in the game” so to speak, and are only able to work with a small amount of students at any given point in time.

We are very competitive with any live mentor from one of the “big boot camps,” but the difference is we are living locally and have the ability to provide students with hands on training and support.

Nick has personally paid for and gone through over $75,000 in his real estate education, and ensures education remains a priority in his business.

The Program

We offer different mentorship programs for investors of all backgrounds and experience levels.  Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to enhance profit margins by systemizing your business, or you are a new investor who just needs the courage and guidance to pull the trigger and TAKE ACTION.

We are able to work so closely with students, therefore, each program is custom designed to meet his or her personal goals.

What Past Students are Saying about the Mentorship

Nick is a professional real estate investor who guides/helps new investors. He has wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate in different markets. He is an excellent resource and mentor.”

– Lakshmi K., Westwood, MA

Never having been involved with real estate before (except owning my own home), I found myself bewildered by all the different strategies and self proclaimed gurus out there. After doing a lot of investigating, I realized I could get much more out of Nick’s program than I could from any other national speaker.

Nick’s accessability, expertise, & guidance helped me gather up the courage to get my first deal done within 5 months of his program, where I made my first sizable profit. Not only that, I’ve gone on to do 5 more deals in the next 3 months, and have plans for another 10 – 12 this year alone!

For those needing help with either getting started in their investing career, or systemizing their established business, I highly recommend Nick and AA Real Estate Partner’s mentorship & educational programs.”

– Mike C., Methuen, MA

Application Process

The application process involves a thorough interview process to determine if the applicant is serious about succeeding in their business goals.

Our space is very limited and we need to make sure it is a good fit for both parties!

Contact us for the Qualification Form and to set up a preliminary interview.

More from AARE Mentor

Just because you are not an official student (yet!), doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of what AARE Mentor has to offer!

We created this site to be a resource for new investors, so stay posted…

Nick occasionally puts on seminars in the Boston area, as well as the Pittsburgh area, to provide information on some basic real estate investing strategies. He has also created a full day Wholesaling Workshop.

For details on when these seminars are, or for more information on future Whole Picture Wholesaling Workshops, contact the office today.