Manns Court Woburn Update

Rehab on February 17th, 2016 Comments Off on Manns Court Woburn Update

The project in Woburn is moving quickly. Demolition and clean out is complete and framing is underway, as you can see in the pictures here. This crew is focused and working ahead of deadline — so excited to have things going smoothly! And maybe it was too smooth (cue foreboding music).

Yup, that’s right. As soon as I allowed that thought to form in my mind, I got the call from the Woburn building inspector’s office about the stone wall on the back of the property, which has a section that has tumbled down the slope. We had planned to do some light repair work to it, thinking that most of it was on our neighbor’s property, and were previously told at the inspector’s office before we bought the house that this file was clean and we were “all set” to continue with construction. You’d think I would have learned that “all set” can have different meanings on this project!

 MannsCtStoneWallAnyways, turns out one of the other building inspectors (who apparently was out the day I was in their office) disagreed, and this issue is about to put a halt on our project until we get a structural engineer to draw up a plan and then get this wall completely repaired. Stay tuned, and take it from me — when someone at the building inspector’s office or the historical commission says you’re “all set,” be sure to ask them exactly what they mean by “all set” or if there is someone else who has to sign off on your request!

Keep calm and rehab on.

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