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If you are looking to invest for the first time, these books are a must-read to kick off your education.  Some are required reading for AARE Mentor students, so why not get ahead?

For those of you who have been actively investing for years, these books are not only about basic investing strategies.  They offer insight into improving your mindset.  For example, how you can change your view of money…how you can change your view of tenants.

Check out Nick’s reviews:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Dr. Robert Kiyosaki

My very first mentorship did NOT help me too much in the way of making any money in real estate, mainly because, I wasn’t ready for it (and because they were based way out in Texas, while I was in Boston).  However, it DID get me to read this book… and changed my life.  This is THE book that made me question everything I was ever taught about finance, and brought me to where I am today… building businesses, and investing smart.  HIGHLY recommend it – it is a requirement for all my coaching students to read.

Cashflow Quadrant – Dr. Kiyosaki

Seeing a pattern?  He does another excellent job of breaking down exactly how people think, and how it directly affects where they end up – whether it’s working for someone else, working for themselves, setting up business systems, or becoming an ultimate investor.  He brings you through each stage, and gives tips and anecdotes along the way.

Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit – David Finkel / David Conti

This is a GREAT starter book for those wanting to get into real estate, and just want to learn some solid, basic strategies on how to start building your business (or your empire) with limited resources.  They have solid step by step ACTION lists in here, that will get someone started on the fast track.

The Landlord’s Kit – Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor, or “Mr. Landlord” as he’s widely known, has perfected the art of property management down to a science, and bears all in this book to frustrated or burned out landlords.  I have personally implemented some of his strategies amongst my residents, and I can say firsthand his refreshing look at the way the business SHOULD be set up makes things SO much easier… less hassle, less stress, and less negativity.  Highly recommend this book.

The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales by Dan S. Kennedy

As we know, successful real estate investors are very good at MARKETING… marketing for deals, marketing for buyers, marketing for private money, and marketing THEMSELVES.  I was introduced to this book by a good friend of mine (another excellent marketer), and quickly learned that Dan definitely knows his stuff.  This book will teach you step by step what to avoid and what to DO to make an effective presentation, be it a direct mail campaign, or a face to face meeting.  I still hold mine close by every time I go to draft another sales page.  Definitely worth the investment.

Multi Family Millions – David Lindahl

Dave has a great way of “dumbing things down” so to speak, so even us non-attorneys can understand them.  I had known Dave from before he was travelling the globe speaking, and he really is a down to earth guy, that really figured it out.  This book teaches how one can become instantly wealthy by purchasing multi-family apartment complexes, and shows the benefits and procedures in how to do it.  For some, it’s out of their comfort zone to start BIG… but not for Dave.  I used these strategies when I was targeting property owners, and it did a lot to help me with the due diligence side of things.  Highly recommended.

Emerging Real Estate Markets – David Lindahl

Not only did Dave make his money investing in apartments, but he learned a GREAT trick… invest in apartments, in up & coming (or “emerging”) areas.  This was a good book showing investors what to look for, and how to invest in an emerging market, taking full advantage of a market upswing.  Sometimes, many of us get stuck in our local markets.  For instance, 2008 – Boston was a TOUGH market.  Prices were falling quicker than bricks in a vacuum, builders were all going bankrupt, and foreclosures were up to an all time high.  “This sounds like the whole nation,” you say.  HOWEVER… you’d be surprised that there ARE areas that are ALWAYS booming…if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, of your own local market.  Dave shows you some good methods in this book.