The Complete DEALFOW System: Wholesaling Edition

Complete Dealflow System - AARE Mentor

Your guide to creating a constant stream of deals, making you the go-to wholesaler in your chosen area!

You will receive:

200 Page Binder as your COMPLETE SYSTEMS GUIDE:

  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Building Your Buyers List with QUALIFIED Buyers
  • Step By Step Instructions & Checklists to BRING IN MORE Leads.
  • How to Properly Set Up Your Response & Tracking Systems
  • Top 3 Ways to Consistently Pull in Deals
  • How to Keep the Marketing Systems GOING
  • How to Handle TOO MANY Deals (and still make money!)
  • Working with Sellers
  • Choosing Your Exit Strategy
  • Marketing Your Deal
  • Getting PAID—Which Contracts to Use

Data CD #1:

  • Forms and Contracts for MA, NH, & ME
  • ALL of our Marketing Pieces
  • Anything else you would need!

Audio CD #2:

  • Sample Calls with Sellers
  • Interview with Attorney Meghan Grugnale on the legal issues surrounding wholesaling
  • Audio Companion for Your Complete DEALFLOW System

DVD #3: Training Videos

  • Running Comps
  • Checking Title
  • Pulling Public Record

Bonus Ad-Ons

  • Case studies
  • Wholesaler’s Guide to DEALFLOW using Social Media
  • Automating Your Business

All this for Only $499!