First Rehab Road Trip was a Hit!

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This past Saturday, we held AARE Mentor’s first Rehab Road Trip, and I am happy to report that it was a success!

Unlike the Wholesaling for Profit workshops, where we were able to accommodate 25 people, this Road Trip was limited to only 10 students.

AARE Mentor Rehab Road Trip - Group Shot


Highlights from the Road Trip

The day started off with a 2-hour classroom-style presentation, preparing the students and making sure we were all on the same page.

AARE Mentor Rehab Road Trip - Property Analysis

At Property #1, the students learned how to get a preliminary rehab estimate in less than 15 minutes.  It’s easier said than done.  Many were tempted to go right into a detailed estimate, which usually leads to “analysis paralysis.”  With some practice, they got the hang of it.  Flory M. from Acton, MA puts it best:

“I am ready to cut my time spent on initial budgets by 75% and arrive at the same number or better!”

Next, they performed a detailed Scope of Work.  Everyone can use more practice refining their SOW, new and experienced investors alike.  The goal at Property #2 was to eliminate contractor confusion, because it’s all comes down to communication, right?  Throughout the day, students were given tips on managing contractors during every step of the rehab process.

AARE Mentor Rehab Road Trip - Property Analysis Interior

The last property was one for the books.  If you follow the AA Real Estate Facebook Fan Page, you already got a sneak peak of one of the absolute worst properties we have seen in a long time, supported only by this air jack on a crazy toxic waste barrel…

Butters Row Can Supporting Entire House

Rehab Road Trip is Great for New and Experienced Investors…

“Nick presents solid information on costing rehab repairs with an experience base.  All this makes either a great starting point for those getting into rehabbing or a reference to tweak and organize strategies of those that have done it for a while.”

David L. of Manchester, NH

“The hands-on structured coaching was excellent.  We were provided with practical straight forward methodologies.  It was presented in a way which was applicable and valuable to the new or experienced rehabber.  Overall, this seminar was an excellent investment.”

Bob H. of Westford, MA

AARE Mentor Rehab Road Trip - Property Analysis Exterior

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AARE Mentor Rehab Road Trip - Clipboard

AARE Mentor Rehab Road Trip - Property Notes


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