What I learned on 18 Irving Road…

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They say you learn something on EVERY deal. It’s true– I have not had one yet when I did not learn something, and I’m so grateful for that.  When I was a freshman in high school, my biology teacher told me never to call them “tests”.  Instead, we were forced to call them “Learning Experiences.”  […]

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Natick Rehab Chronicles – 5th and FINAL Part of 18 Irving Rd

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It’s the FINAL VIDEO of the 18 Irving Rd Rehab! Take one last look of this beautifully renovated home, complete with staging… Click here to watch the entire series of 18 Irving Rd Rehab Chronicles.

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Rehab Chronicles – Part IV of 18 Irving Rd Natick

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Here is the fourth part of The Natick Rehab Chronicles… Almost everything is complete, aside from the finishing touches. There’s also a surprise from the Sensitive Contractor…     Stay tuned next week for the 5th and FINAL PART of the Irving Rd Rehab!

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Rehab Chronicles – Part III of 18 Irving Rd Natick

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Part 3 of the 18 Irving Rd, Natick Rehab Chronicles is here, and we’ve combined two weeks into one…  

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Rehab Chronicles – Part II of 18 Irving Rd Natick

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Part 2 is here… The sensitive contractors are several days into the rehab, and man, are they fast! In other important news, Nick finally sold a ticket to the gun show.

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Rehab Chronicles – Part 1 of 18 Irving Rd Natick

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It’s been 3 months since the last Rehab Chronicles when out, and I know you have been compulsively checking your email, waiting for the next series.  Well, it’s finally here!   If you didn’t see the preview last week, check out the Demolition Montage of 18 Irving Rd.

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Demolition Montage – 18 Irving Rd in Natick, MA

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Getting geared up for the NEWEST Series of The Rehab Chronicles. So why not make a montage of us trashing the kitchen? Check out the new rehab series starting August 3rd!

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