Nick Speaking at NHREIA “Rehabbing: What they Don’t Show You on TV” (1/8/14)

Seminars on January 7th, 2014 Comments Off on Nick Speaking at NHREIA “Rehabbing: What they Don’t Show You on TV” (1/8/14)

You know that really cool moment at the end of a flipping show when the numbers flash up on the screen, leaving you drooling over the profit and ready to send your boss a resignation letter?      Resale –   Rehab –   Purchase Price =  Not so fast, buddy… How about when they […]

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Ask Nick: “How to Make Adjustments for Comps”

Investing on November 21st, 2013 Comments Off on Ask Nick: “How to Make Adjustments for Comps”

Hi Nick, I went back to the Dealflow guide, watched the video on running comps and I have a quick question on how to make adjustments when running Comps.  So my questions are: 1. What should I take in consideration when doing adjustment? 2. What the formula to come with average amount to add or […]

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Nick Speaking at NEREIA “Dealflow: Staying Legit and Sourcing Your Own Leads

Seminars on November 6th, 2013 Comments Off on Nick Speaking at NEREIA “Dealflow: Staying Legit and Sourcing Your Own Leads

 Think all the deals are on MLS? Think Again! By the time you see a property on the market, chances are it’s been picked over by investors behind the scenes. If a deal is good—it’s gone!  All successful real estate investors have one thing in common: Consistent Dealflow Don’t spend all your energy getting that […]

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Fuller Rd in Billerica – Before & After

Investing on June 10th, 2013 Comments Off on Fuller Rd in Billerica – Before & After

The real estate business is often feast or famine.  Boy, was this past winter a famine!  Like with any business, it’s important to stay focused on clear, set goals and be able to communicate exactly the types of properties we are looking to purchase, however, when the REOs dried up, we had to switch gears […]

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Calling in a Pro to Kick it up a Notch

Investing on May 8th, 2013 No Comments

Not Your Average Rehab Our recent acquisition is up in North Hampton, NH – 4,000 sqft overlooking 13 acres and ocean views.  Being a coveted coastal town in New Hampshire, this house is surrounded by million dollar listings.   As you know, with that higher AVR comes increased expectations and even different design preferences.   […]

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Incredible Wholesale Deal!

Investing on April 1st, 2013 No Comments

Single Family Home in Lexington, MA 3800 square feet 4 Beds / 3 Baths / 3 Car Garage 1 Acre ARV:  $769,000 Only needs: Paint Carpet Refinish Hardwood Electric Devices Kitchen & Bath Upgraded Electrical Panel 2 Furnaces / 2 Central  A/C Condensers w/lines Ductwork throughout HW tank All new Electrical & Plumbing Systems Why […]

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A Very Special Part 5 of the Rehab Chronicles: The Previous Owner Comes to Visit

Investing on February 5th, 2013 No Comments

In this special edition, the previous owner of 176 Groton Rd came to see the how we fixed up her childhood home. You’ll learn more about her situation and what she needed as a motivated seller. It was an emotional day for everyone seeing her take in all the changes. Let this video be a […]

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Chelmsford Rehab Chronicles – Part 4 of the Hoarder House

Investing on January 9th, 2013 No Comments

Here’e the finished product!  Yay!  In this video, take a walk through with Nick, Jen the Insurance Chick, and Julia… Stay tuned for a very special post-project video! As you know from the first video, we bought 176 Groton Rd from a nice woman named Dawn. She was kind enough to let us film her […]

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Chelmsford Rehab Chronicles – Part 3 of the Hoarder House

Investing on December 17th, 2012 No Comments

In this video, we are more than half way done with the rehab.  Hurricane Sandy hit New England and has set the landscaping back a bit.  Take a look at the progress! Stay tuned for the final installment of the Chelmsford Rehab Chronicles where the previous owner stops by to see the finished product.   […]

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Part 4 of The Rehab Chronicles: Bedford, NH

Investing on July 9th, 2012 No Comments

You all have been so very patient waiting for the fourth and final installment of the Bedford Rehab Chronicles… The wait is over! As you know from the previous videos, the scope of work (SOW) at Meetinghouse Rd was mostly cosmetics–and what a difference it made! However, the biggest issue we had with this project […]

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