Incredible Wholesale Deal!

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Single Family Home in Lexington, MA 3800 square feet 4 Beds / 3 Baths / 3 Car Garage 1 Acre ARV:  $769,000 Only needs: Paint Carpet Refinish Hardwood Electric Devices Kitchen & Bath Upgraded Electrical Panel 2 Furnaces / 2 Central  A/C Condensers w/lines Ductwork throughout HW tank All new Electrical & Plumbing Systems Why […]

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Former Pageant Queen Turned Escort Joins AA Team!

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A recent School of British Living graduate, Julia grew up in the deep northern woods of NH.  Feeling deprived of opportunities where she could share her knack of looking awesome all the time, she made the move into the big city, which she thought would be more exciting than it really is. She then started […]

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AARE + Slash = Smacking Rehabs in the FACE!

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As you know, we at AA Real Estate have a large network. What you might not know is Slash from Guns N Roses is part of that network. This Halloween, he was more than willing to help us take down a wall… Happy Halloween!

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Skydiving for Charity Event – What a BLAST!

Seminars on August 3rd, 2011 1 Comment

I just wanted to offer everyone a heartfelt thank you for all your TREMENDOUS support for our recent charity event, “Skydiving for Kids – Extreme Fundraising for Kids with Extreme Illnesses!” The AA Angel Foundation teamed up with The Little Diamonds Foundation to create, and let me tell you, we could NOT have done […]

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Demolition Montage – 18 Irving Rd in Natick, MA

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Getting geared up for the NEWEST Series of The Rehab Chronicles. So why not make a montage of us trashing the kitchen? Check out the new rehab series starting August 3rd!

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New Marketing Strategy for Crack Houses

Investing on November 30th, 2010 Comments Off on New Marketing Strategy for Crack Houses

Who says you should play down the fact that your rehab used to be a mafia or crack house? My friend came across these houses on the Tampa Craigslist…. Apparently this is pretty common in Florida.  What would you say, Al?


This House Still Needs a Bit of Staging…

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From the Road in California

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Update from Nick while he is on vacation in California…