2-for-1 Spring DEALFLOW Special: All-Day Workshop & Copy of Complete Dealflow System

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All-Day Intensive Workshop PLUS your copy of the Complete Dealflow System Saturday, June 14th, 2014 in Woburn, MA About the Workshop: The workshop’s only goal is to provide real world, practical information and techniques–without any pitching. Each person will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of DEALFLOW process. The objective of the day is to give […]

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Check Your Bias: Choosing Rehab Finishes to Attract the Most Buyers

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Buyers unfortunately don’t care much about all that money you spent on LVL beams, insulation, and heating systems. They consider having a sound structure and working systems as a given. Until the buyer home inspection, all that stuff is out of sight, out of mind. People make offers when they have an emotional response to […]

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Tips for Both the Design-Apathetic and Design-Obsessed

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There are 2 types of real estate investors: Those who like interior design, and those who don’t give a damn.  Here are some quick tips for both. As someone who enjoys design and architecture, it’s easy for me (Julia) to be tempted by all the cool ideas floating around magazines, houzz.com, and pinterest.com. Nick, on […]

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Google Invests $3.2B in the Future of Smart Homes

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Earlier this week, Google shelled out $3.2B for Nest Labs Inc., creator of internet-connected “learning thermostat” that learns to cool and heat homes to suit the needs of the inhabitants. Why would a search engine care about heating our homes? Well, when our Internet-connected gadgets and home appliances all learn to talk to each other, […]

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Ask Nick: “How to Make Adjustments for Comps”

Investing on November 21st, 2013 Comments Off on Ask Nick: “How to Make Adjustments for Comps”

Hi Nick, I went back to the Dealflow guide, watched the video on running comps and I have a quick question on how to make adjustments when running Comps.  So my questions are: 1. What should I take in consideration when doing adjustment? 2. What the formula to come with average amount to add or […]

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AA Real Estate Partners Events

Nick Guest on Entrust Webinar

Seminars on May 9th, 2012 No Comments

Yesterday afternoon, Nick Aalerud of AA Real Estate Partners and Jim Jones of Entrust held a webinar on using Self-Directed IRA’s to invest in real estate. Watch the entire recording play-back:   And don’t miss Jim tomorrow evening at the Eastern Mass REIA Meeing in Rockland, MA.  As the featured speaker, he will talk in about the […]

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Setting Up New Markets

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I’ve been questioned recently on the proper ways to invest out of state, in emerging markets as well as how we (and a few colleagues) established our residential investment base out in PA. Hopefully some of this info can be helpful to you. The first step is to establish an area where you would like […]

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Thanksgiving Newsletter

Investing on November 30th, 2008 1 Comment

With just a day to go before Thanksgiving, I think to myself how grateful I am to have been able to meet so many wonderful people, like you, in my time as a real estate investor. Real Estate is not just about “sticks & bricks,” as many call it; it’s all about people and relationships. […]

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