Part 4 of The Rehab Chronicles: Bedford, NH

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You all have been so very patient waiting for the fourth and final installment of the Bedford Rehab Chronicles… The wait is over! As you know from the previous videos, the scope of work (SOW) at Meetinghouse Rd was mostly cosmetics–and what a difference it made! However, the biggest issue we had with this project […]

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Part 3 of The Rehab Chronicles: Bedford, NH

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At this point of the rehab, we are doing the finish work. While doing our walk-through, we noticed some finish work that was not up to par.  Find out what Nick will tell the contractors, and how to handle that type of situation in your future projects.     Catch up on old episodes of […]

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Part 2 of The Rehab Chronicles: Bedford, NH

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It’s now 2 weeks into the project and most of the demolition is complete. The new master bath suite is framed out and things are moving along! Join Nick and the gang from Southern Maine REIA as they take you through the house… Watch Part 1 of the Bedford Property to see what 126 Meetinghouse […]

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Part 1 of The Rehab Chronicles: Bedford, NH

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Within the past couple years, the Rehab Chronicles video series has featured properties all over Greater Boston, but never before have we pioneered into the northern territory commonly known as “New Hampshire.” This house is crazy awesome… 4,225 sqft, 4 Bed/3.5 Bath, 3 Car Garage.   Not only is it huge, it’s also quite the […]

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Part VI of the Littleton Rehab Chronicles – IT’S OVER!

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IT’S FINALLY OVER! We can’t believe it either… After about $35,000 in change orders, this one ended up essentially being a brand new house.  (Which I’m sure helped us get it under contract for the full asking price…) Take one last look at the nightmare that was the Littleton Rehab Chronicles.   Stay tuned for […]

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Part V of Littleton Chronicles…The end is near!

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Part IV of Littleton Chronicles

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In this episode, take a walk through with Nick and a couple of our AA Premier Properties agents, Ken and Naomi.  Since you last saw the house, the floors are water-proofed, and the subfloors and studs are installed.  Also, construction was at a stand-still due to the town requesting new floorplans. Check out the video […]

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Part III of Littleton Chronicles: The Worst of the Worst

Investing on November 30th, 2011 1 Comment

In Part II, we knew we were tearing up most of the flooring, but we never imagined this is what we would find underneath. You probably know by now that there is only so much you can find out about a property without tearing up the floors, jacking up the concrete, and opening walls. With this property, it […]

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Part II of Littleton Chronicles: The $30,000 Change Order

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Want to know what a $30,000 change order looks like? In Part 2, we have just learned: The plumbing had been installed by a MacGyver impersonator (That all needs to be replaced)… All of the flooring and joists are completely rotten (All that needs to be replaced)… And a few more fun “surprises” that popped […]

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AARE + Slash = Smacking Rehabs in the FACE!

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As you know, we at AA Real Estate have a large network. What you might not know is Slash from Guns N Roses is part of that network. This Halloween, he was more than willing to help us take down a wall… Happy Halloween!

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