Estimating Rehab When You’ve Never Picked up a Hammer

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How can you estimate a rehab budget when you have zero construction experience? Let’s say you’re brand new to real estate investing.  You take a couple guru courses in Las Vegas and decide that wholesaling is the best way for you to build up cash and experience without taking on too much risk.  Even though […]

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Deal #124: Town Sewer Connection on a Busy Road is More Than We Bargained For

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One of our current rehab projects required us to connect to the town sewer.  One small issue–okay there were a few issues. First off, this house is on a main road and the only side streets near the house are dead-ends. This means while the guys are digging up the street, they have to maneuver […]

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2-for-1 Spring DEALFLOW Special: All-Day Workshop & Copy of Complete Dealflow System

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All-Day Intensive Workshop PLUS your copy of the Complete Dealflow System Saturday, June 14th, 2014 in Woburn, MA About the Workshop: The workshop’s only goal is to provide real world, practical information and techniques–without any pitching. Each person will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of DEALFLOW process. The objective of the day is to give […]

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AARE’s Rockin’ Rehab Road Trip Highlights

Seminars on December 11th, 2012 No Comments

Last month, we held our second Rehab Road Trip where Nick takes a very small group around to three different potential projects to perform rehab analysis.  The goal of this hands-on workshop is by the end of the day Along with finding the ARV, being able to properly estimate a rehab budget is vital to every […]

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Oct 31st: “Sharpening Your Rehab Estimates” at South Shore REIA

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REHABBERS… Make accurate offers with confidence! WHOLESALERS… Get your deals sold without having to go back to your sellers! PROPERTY OWNERS… Protect your cashflow! Whether you are a rehabber, wholesaler, or property owner, your repair estimate can make or break a deal.  Performing due diligence and finding accurate rehab costs are vital to your analysis process. Next Wednesday, […]

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The 2 Levels of Rehab Estimation – “Quick & Dirty” and the Detailed Estimate

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“How do I know how much rehab this one is going to take?” New rehabbers and wholesalers are always asking this question.  They say, “I’ve already got my ARV.  Alas, if only I had this one number down, I’d be able to formulate my max offer…and could then submit it with confidence!” This was probably […]

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How to Estimate Rehab in Under 10 Minutes

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I call this the “Quick & Dirty” Analysis It is done before you submit the offer.  If you’re one of those that submits offers FIRST and figures it out later (a dangerous strategy, at times), you’d do the quick analysis after there’s a counter or interest is shown in your offer by the seller. When […]

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How to do Detailed Rehab Estimate a Contractor Can Work With

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In the last blog post, you learned how to conservatively do a Quick & Dirty Rehab Estimate in under 10 minutes. This gives you an idea of the rehab so you can put in an offer. Once your offer has been accepted, the next step is a detailed scope of work on the property. When done […]

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