Ask Nick: When should I bend the 60% Rule?

Investing on July 25th, 2014 Comments Off on Ask Nick: When should I bend the 60% Rule?

The 60% of ARV Rule is probably the most basic rule in flipping.  It easily becomes nuanced once you get into the details.  Here’s a great question from the comments section in our YouTube channel. Hi Nick, As a wholesaler, this is some awesome content; however, why wouldn’t I use the standard 70% vs. the […]

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Deal #124: Town Sewer Connection on a Busy Road is More Than We Bargained For

Investing on May 8th, 2014 No Comments

One of our current rehab projects required us to connect to the town sewer.  One small issue–okay there were a few issues. First off, this house is on a main road and the only side streets near the house are dead-ends. This means while the guys are digging up the street, they have to maneuver […]

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Why I’ll Never Install a Radon System Ever Again

Investing on February 19th, 2014 Comments Off on Why I’ll Never Install a Radon System Ever Again

ATTN Real Estate Community — I’ve been waiting to address this for a while. Let’s discuss RADON. As sellers, we’ve all heard the terrible news from the buyer’s inspection. And as buyers, we’ve all been worried when we saw the results. “Oh no! We’re above the dreaded EPA limit! We are ALL GOING TO DIE […]

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Nick Speaking at NHREIA “Rehabbing: What they Don’t Show You on TV” (1/8/14)

Seminars on January 7th, 2014 Comments Off on Nick Speaking at NHREIA “Rehabbing: What they Don’t Show You on TV” (1/8/14)

You know that really cool moment at the end of a flipping show when the numbers flash up on the screen, leaving you drooling over the profit and ready to send your boss a resignation letter?      Resale –   Rehab –   Purchase Price =  Not so fast, buddy… How about when they […]

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Fuller Rd in Billerica – Before & After

Investing on June 10th, 2013 Comments Off on Fuller Rd in Billerica – Before & After

The real estate business is often feast or famine.  Boy, was this past winter a famine!  Like with any business, it’s important to stay focused on clear, set goals and be able to communicate exactly the types of properties we are looking to purchase, however, when the REOs dried up, we had to switch gears […]

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What I Learned from the Littleton Rehab…

Investing on March 29th, 2012 No Comments

Wow.  Deal #107 sure is one for the history books here at the AA Real Estate Group. You’d think I would have seen it all by now–or at LEAST that my exquisitively trained eye (through my AAwesome shades) would be able to come within a $10,000 margin of our rehab budget.  Well, $35,000 in change orders later, […]

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Ask Nick: Are LLC’s Necessary to Invest?

Business on November 9th, 2011 No Comments

Nick, What’s the purpose of the LLC?   Is it required legally?  Or is it okay to work on getting one while I first work on getting some deals under my belt? Good question! Your LLC is NOT legally required, but recommended… and no, you do NOT need it to start.  An LLC costs around $230 […]

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My Past – Rantings of the Times

Investing on December 4th, 2008 No Comments

OK, so I started this blog before introducing myself – how rude… My name is Nick, and I rarely share this story, so I figured why not do it online, when only the whole online community can look upon it? Investing in real estate for me is a means to an end, and yet understanding […]

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